Corporate Social Responsibility

McGregor Fashion Group recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and the accountability associated with it. In addition, we take account of the interests of our customers, our employees, and our shareholders, as well as those of our suppliers, trading partners, and the wider community

We support the principles of social responsibility. In this context, we apply the following principles:

  • Liability: we are responsible and may be held accountable for our impact on the community, the economy, and the environment
  • Transparency: we are transparent in our decision-making and activities, and the impact these have on the community, the economy, and the environment
  • Moral behavior: we apply morally responsible behavior at all times and also demand this of the parties that we work with
  • Respect for the interests of all concerned: we respect and recognize the interests of all stakeholders and interested parties
  • Respect for rules of law: we support the view that respect for the rules of law is a matter of course
  • Respect for international standards of conduct: we respect international rules and standards of behavior
  • Respect for human rights: we respect human rights and recognize their importance and universality

We are committed to identifying our key CSR issues, the subsequent setting of clear goals, developing and applying socially responsible programs and management systems, and harnessing sufficient capacity and resources to implement the above-mentioned CSR principles. Management and employees all play their part in this.

We shall review our principles, our CSR policy, and our performance annually in order to guarantee that our promises are in line with our vision of the future.

Bangladesh accord

McGregor has signed the Bangladesh accord: The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. McGregor supports the standpoint that sustainable change requires that all concerned parties – government, companies, unions and NGOs – bear joint responsibility and that the whole industry should be involved in this. In order to ensure our CSR policy – now and in the long term – the matter has been allocated to a dedicated team at McGregor Fashion Group that continuously addresses current developments and issues as well as how to tackle them in a responsible way.

About BSCI participants

Business enterprises that endorse the BSCI Code of Conduct are committed to the principles set out in this document and to meeting, within their sphere of influence, their responsibility to respect human rights.

They pursue a constructive and open dialogue among business partners and stakeholders in order to reinforce the principles of corporate social responsibility. They see the building up of mature industrial relations between workers and management as being key to sustainable business.

BSCI participants submit to the BSCI Commitment Formula and the Terms of Implementation for Participants that are part of the BSCI Code of Conduct.

In order to be a member of BSCI, companies must first be members of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA).

BSCI membership

McGregor Fashion Group is a member of the Foreign Trade Association (‘FTA’) and is therefore committed to the requirements of BSCI (‘Business Social Compliance Initiative’). This membership represents an important mainstay of our CSR policy and demonstrates the realization that we are not only jointly responsible for, but also contribute to fair working conditions in our supply chain.

BSCI suits our organization well and does justice to our efforts in the area of CSR; BSCI is represented in all countries where we manufacture.

The Business Social Compliance Initiative applies itself worldwide to the improvement of the working conditions in its members’ supply chains. Companies that are affiliated to BSCI implement the BSCI Code of Conduct in their supply chain. The Code of Conduct is based on the following internationally recognized directives:

  • International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions
  • UN-United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • UN-Declaration of the Rights of the Child
  • The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
  • UN-Global Compact
  • OESD-Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

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McGregor Fashion Group is registered on the FIRA platform ( FIRA: abbreviation of Firmus Agnitio, Latin for Sound Knowledge. The FIRA Platform is a digital platform where companies can present their CSR achievements. FIRA tests this information; reliability is assured and that is how the platform promotes transparency.

Sustainability & Environment


McGregor Fleet

McGregor Fashion Group actively encourages its employees in choosing lease cars with minimal harmful emissions, in which case the lower tax liability obviously plays a role too. Over the past three years, the composition of the fleet of cars has clearly changed: at the moment, around 75% of the total number of cars bear the environmentally friendly A or B label.


McGregor Fashion Group employees travel a great deal for business. In 2011, our policy regarding travel was tightened with the aim of reducing the number of flights. Through the efficient bundling of activities and travel destinations, by facilitating teleconferencing with visual/digital resources and making use of FTP servers, a serious reduction in the number of flights of over 25% was achieved in the period from 2011 to 2013.



The power requirements of all McGregor Fashion Group premises are met by Green Electricity supplied under an agreement with GDF Suez. Using the so-called power label we are able to gain insight into how much each source is used for which part of the power requirement and the environmental consequences are specified. The Dutch regulations for power labelling are laid down in Article 95K of the Electricity Act.

During the 2013 construction of the new McGregor Fashion Group Central Distribution Center in Waalwijk, a thermal storage system was installed. The DC is heated and cooled by this thermal storage system which pumps up water at 12ºC from deep underground. This temperature is used in the winter as starting temperature for the heating system and in summer to keep the building cool. The offices are located on the northern side of the building so that they require less cooling in summer. In all offices and hallways in the mezzanines at the DC motion sensors have been installed for the lighting. In the offices they are also connected to the heating system. If the sensors are triggered by movement, the office lights and heating are switched on.

Logistics and distribution

McGregor Fashion Group’s most important logistics provider is DHL Exel Supply Chain. DHL is ISO 14001 certified. This ISO standard ensures that this important supplier applies an environmentally friendly policy. ISO 14001 is an environmental management system that focuses specifically on the management and improvement of performance relating to the environment. Using an environmental management system, systematic attention is paid to the environment as part of business operations. There are two important principles at its heart:

1) compliance with the law and regulations, and managing environmental risks

2) pursuing permanent improvement of the organization’s environmental performance

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See BSCI: in the context of BSCI membership, the factories where McGregor Fashion Group manufactures are audited periodically by independent agencies. Working conditions, safety, the freedom and rights of employees, health, environment, and remuneration are the issues that are checked. The results of the audits are evaluated by McGregor Fashion Group and our manufacturers and, where necessary, followed up, discussed, and used for the further advancement of fair working conditions in the supply chain.


McGregor Fashion Group manufactures parts of the collections with responsibly grown cotton on which organic pesticides are used instead of chemical ones. The production process comprises a large number of sustainable elements, including the ecological bleaching of cotton and the use of organically printed hang tags made of recycled paper. Furthermore, the clothing is packaged in biodegradable poly bags. McGregor’s ultimate goal is that, in time, all our collections will be manufactured in an ecologically responsible way.

Control of toxic substances

Shortly after McGregor Fashion Group was founded in 1993, we set up our own Codes of Conduct that was, and still is, signed by manufacturers. Among other things, it contains requirements and European standards in the area of azo dyes, PCBs, cadmium, and other harmful substances. Suppliers must declare that their products comply with the prescribed specifications.

At our own request, the products are regularly tested by independent testing agencies for the presence of any possible harmful substances.

Gas-free declarations

In the area of transport, McGregor Fashion Group requires all carriers to guarantee the gas-free (i.e. free of toxic substances) transportation of our products. Containers arriving at the McGregor distribution center will not be unloaded if there is no gas-free declaration. We require all shipments arriving by container comply with regulations. In practice, this means that all containers carrying our products must be accompanied by a gas-free declaration.


Animal welfare

McGregor Fashion Group rejects any form of animal suffering and requires its suppliers to respect international laws regarding animal welfare. From the 2014 collections onwards, McGregor will only use fake fur in its collections.

Printed material

As far as possible, McGregor Fashion Group takes care that our printed matter is on FCC-certified paper. See also

Toners, cartridges, paper, waste

Empty printer and copier toners and cartridges are disposed of responsibly. Paper and cardboard are collected separately. All waste is collected by Beelen, 100% recycled and turned into new raw materials.

McGregor Fashion Group as an employer

Good employership

McGregor Fashion Group encourages personal growth of workers through continuous, targeted training schemes for both groups and, where desired, individuals. Within the company we offer the possibility of changing jobs in order to use knowledge and experience as effectively as possible and provide employees with the opportunity for further development.

McGregor Fashion Group is an approved training company (ECABO, Savantis, KC Handel) and, within this context, offers certified training courses to its staff.

Healthy employees

The health of our employees is important, so we run a scheme that actively guides them in tracking, improving, and maintaining their health as well as offering personal life-style advice.

  • We offer all employees over the age of 40 a periodic health check. Participation is voluntary; medical information is confidential and only known to the doctor and employee.
  • Membership of selected fitness centers is encouraged by means of a 50% employer contribution.
  • Each year, employees receive an invitation for a voluntary flu vaccine.
  • All employees may make use of free public transport for transport to and from work.
  • Adapted working weeks or working hours are an option for young mothers.
  • Where appropriate, McGregor offers assistance in the field of mental health care.

Worthy causes

Gifts and donations

  • Several times a year, McGregor Fashion Group donates clothing to third world countries through specialized organizations, including Heart for Gambia. See also:
  • McGregor Fashion Group is a Watoto Foundation donor and pays for two teachers in addition to periodic donations. The Watoto Foundation is a non-profit organization that cares for orphans in Africa. See also
  • McGregor Fashion Group donates to the Marni Foundation, which provides education to 250 students at the Marni School (primary school) in Bodhgaya, Bihar province in India. See also
  • McGregor Fashion Group has adopted Villa OKI and makes annual gifts of a complete wardrobe from the latest McGregor collection to the residents and supervisors. Villa OKI is a private residence initiative for people with learning difficulties.
  • In 2011, McGregor Fashion Group adopted a Cruijff Court in De Bilt. See also