"If you tell the story of New York city, you don’t just tell the story of America. You also tell the story of McGregor.”

McGregor; The best of both worlds

The McGregor brand was established in 1921, when Scottish emigrant David Doniger launched his cap business in New York. Doniger was a descendant of the Scottish McGregor clan and used the patterns of the Scottish tartans for his caps. The concept caught on and, after some time, he was able to further expand his product range. In this way, McGregor developed into the absolute market leader in the American sportswear market in the fifties and sixties of the last century.

McGregor was the founder of the “coordinated sportswear” phenomenon; various items of the collection are interchangeable and easy to combine. In combination with the influences of American Sportswear, the Anglo-Saxon elements, such as the tweeds, the herring-bones, the Oxfords and of course the tartans, were revolutionary at the time. Stimulated by Doniger's fashion sense and feeling for style and the opportunities created by the industrial revolution, he transformed McGregor into a complete lifestyle brand with collections inspired by the European chic style. This preppy style is now widely known and forms the heart and soul of the McGregor brand.

Quite literally he created "the best of both worlds". The combination of these elements is still characteristic of McGregor's Anglo-American Sportswear collections and is reflected in the menswear, womenswear and kids collections.

McGregor Fashion Group was established in 1993 when it acquired the European distribution rights for the McGregor brand. In 1997, the group acquired the worldwide ownership rights to the McGregor brand (with the exception of Asia). The product range has since been expanded with the McGregor Distinction collection, on the cutting edge of luxury sportswear and tailored wear. This collection is characterized by its Italian style and refined luxury.

Since 2008, McGregor has also regularly launched special collections, inspired by and related to the international motor sport. Examples are the Spyker 24H Lemans collections (from 2006-2008), the Williams Formula 1 by McGregor collections (from 2008-2012) and, since 2012, collections that are being developed in cooperation with the Automobile Club Monaco and added to the product range. These collections are inspired by the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, the two-yearly Grand Prix Historique de Monaco and the historical Rally de Monte Carlo.

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