"You don’t ask the sea any questions, you just dress for the occasion"

Gaastra is an authentic brand with Dutch roots. In 1897, Douwe Gaastra established his sail and rope-making business in Sneek. He made sails for the Frisian shipping sector, which at the time consisted of flat-bottomed boats. Douwe Gaastra's sails were known for their quality and functionality, and could be recognized from afar thanks to the large image of Sneek's watergate stitched to the sails.

Gaastra has since developed into a leading sportswear brand in Europe, designing high-quality clothes for men, women and children who like to identify themselves with sails and the world of sailing. The brand owes its success to its own, unmistakable nautical identity and a unique blend of functionality and fashion in its collections: “Fashion Follows Function”! Sneek's watergate is still incorporated in Gaastra's logo.

Gaastra Pro Gear is the name of the professional line. By using the most advanced techniques and materials, it provides maximum comfort and optimum protection for professional and recreational sailors in the most diverse and extreme conditions. Gaastra dressed, amongst others, Team Brunel for the Volvo Ocean Race, which was held from November 2014 to July 2015:

As a sponsor and clothing partner, Gaastra is associated with several internationally renowned regattas, such as the Copa Del Rey in Palma and the Voile d’Antibes in Antibes. Gaastra regularly introduces special collections and limited editions into the market which are inspired by these events. Gaastra also supports successful sailing teams, such as Jethou and Team Brunel, and is also associated with several prestigious yacht clubs, such as the RCPN in Palma.

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